Thursday, 6 March 2014

Free Kindle Book 'Portable Sunshine - an alternative guide to Stress management'

Dealing effectively with stress can improve your health and reduce the risk of depression, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and other health issues.  Total Sense Therapy not only provides you with an effective at-home method of relaxation and stress management but through the concept of 'portable sunshine', allows you to manage stress and anxiety throughout the day, wherever you are, whenever required.

'Portable Sunshine : an alternative guide to stress management' explains how stress affects our biology and why it is important to manage it effectively.  The book also gives you a simple step-by-step guide to how Total SENSE Therapy works, how to set up and how to produce your own 'Portable Sunshine' for on-the-go stress management.

If you suffer from anxiety, mood disorders, panic attacks, stress related disorders, insomnia, headaches or find it difficult to 'switch off' and relax, Total Sense Therapy could help improve your quality of life.

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