Thursday, 20 March 2014

Can Total Sense Therapy improve your health by combatting Stress?

Research shows that removing stress or managing your response to stressful situations can help to increase your health.

The theory behind Total Sense Therapy suggests it could even be effective as part of a weight loss program.  Because of the proven scientific theory of classical conditioning which provides the mechanics behind the therapy, we hope to prove in the future that TST will be an effective device in dealing with the following issues :

-          Depression
-          Addiction treatment
-          Treating high blood-pressure
-          Pain management
-          Psychological relaxation
-          Maintenance of general health
-          Support of the immune system
-          Aiding cardio-vascular health
I would love to hear from anybody who currently uses Total Sense Therapy for any purpose so that I can update the list of potential benefits and help others improve their way of life by managing similar issues that they may not currently be able to manage.  Contact me at :
Further information can be found at

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